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Buy HCTZ HCTZ (brand names: Apo-Hydro / Aquazide H / Dicotride / Hydrodiuril / Hydarazide / Microzide / Oretic / Moduretic / Inderide / Dyazide / Aldactazide / Aldoril), sometimes abbreviated HCT, HCTZ, or HZT is a popular diuretic drug (water pill) that acts by inhibiting the kidney's ability to retain water.

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This reduces the volume of the blood, decreasing blood return to the heart and thus cardiac output and, by other mechanisms, is believed to lower peripheral vascular resistance.

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Microzide; Esidrix; Aquazide; Apo-Hydro; Clorana; Di-Eudrin; Disothiazide; Diurex; Esidrex; HCT Hexal; HCT-Beta; HCT-Gamma; Hidrosaluretil; Hydrocoorthiazide Sandoz; Hypothiazid; Novo-Hydrazide; Ridaq; Rofucal; Teva-Hydrocorothiazide) is a thiazide diuretic ("water pill") that increases the amount of urine you make, which causes your body to get rid of excess water.

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